JJ's Burger Journey


The story of JJ’s Burger Joint begins with John and Joy  Carter. John wanted to use his 15 years of restaurant management experience to open his own restaurant, bringing his dedication for great customer service and highest quality ingredients to Novato.

From one family to another

The Gongora family took over ownership in 2019 and vowed to continue the family-focused hospitality; happy family, happy customers, delicious food!

Mario Gongora had similar aspirations with his family. While working in the restaurant industry as a chef in California, Mario had a goal of opening his very own restaurant. His family supported his endeavour and made this dream a reality.  

Keeping Mario's dream alive. 

From Oxkutzcab Yucatan Mexico to Novato California, the Gongora family believed in Mario’s passion. JJ’s Burger Joint had become home to a new family, but just shy of a year fulfilling his dream, Mario Gongora fell victim to a drunk driver in 2020.

In honor of his dream, his brothers, sisters, and family continue to run the restaurant just as he wanted. The Gongoras put as much love and dedication into the food as they do into their families. Today, JJ’s Burger Joint thrives just as ever; bringing smiles to each customer that comes in. 

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